What does MicroFish software do?

MicroFish 3.0 Demonstration Version calculates maximum-likelihood population estimates, length statistics, and weight statistics from removal-depletion sampling data.

MicroFish 3.0 Demonstration Version is provided free of charge as a service to fisheries professionals and students.

 (Re-selling MicroFish software is prohibited.)

All MicroFish 3.0 calculations are performed through the top menu: File, Edit, View, and Help.  Note: some of the MicroFish 3.0 Demonstration Version options are disabled (available in the MicroFish 3.0 Basic Version only).

Initial MicroFish screen:

Quick population estimate screen:

This interactive form enables the user to view initial maximum-likelihood estimate results in the field, estimate how many electrofishing removals (passes) are necessary to achieve a desired confidence range, or perform other “what if” calculations as desired.

Data view screen:

The first (header) record in the user’s data set appears in the white text box in the upper left. 

The table of data on the right is the user’s data as it appears after having been read into MicroFish 3.0. A table lookup in the next-to-last column identifies the fish species name.  The “Data Check” field on the right scans each record for errors. 

Output Options (in the gray area on the left) indicate statistics available through MicroFish 3.0.  The results of selecting these options are on the following pages.

Fisheries results screen (1):

In this example, the user’s selection of “Total Catch” changes the Data View into a Results View.  The table at the bottom details the results being displayed graphically. 

The colors in each chart correspond to species found in the data set. 

Fisheries results screen (2):

In the case of “population estimate” and “removal pattern” certain cells in the results table may be flagged to indicate a maximum-likelihood population estimate was not possible.  The reason(s) are indicated by placing the mouse pointer over the results table. 

This summarizes the capabilities of MicroFish 3.0 Demonstration Version.